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Childlike folk group Šťastné detstvo was established in 1978 in Brezno.

First performance is dated in September 1978 and since that moment group members have been meeting regularly under the patronage of City enlightment centre. Head master’s main aims are to protect and conserve traditional folk customs, to develop folk traditions, music, dances and childlike games of central Slovakia. Folk group presents dances of following regions of Slovakia: Šariš, Zemplín, Podpoľanie , but the group is specialized for region of Horehronie. Šťastné detstvo is acting almost 30 years and during this period has presented itself in many countries for example in Czech Republic, Hungary, Rumania, Croatia, Italy, Germany, Austria, Belgium, Great Britain, Switzerland and 11 times in France.

Mrs Angela Černáková is group founder, dance choreographer and art chief from 1978.

Childlike folk group Šťastné detstvo has 2 parts – first one is dance and second one is musical.Dance part’s members are children aged among 6 – 17. Children use original but also fake national costumes, folk properties such as Sochtar rattles and wooden spoons.

Children from Art school in Brezno are working in folk music – second part of group. They play different musical instruments, for example: violin, viola, contrabass, accordion, pipe and Shepard’s fife. Mr. Ivan Nemky is folk music chief.


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